Coachella is a star studded one week long music festival in California that happens every year. If you are anybody you are at Coachella. The biggest names in music play over the three days and the large crowd always shows up in some questionable outfits. Coachella is the time to let your inner hippie out and dress a little crazier than usual. To say the least outfits get interesting. Take for example the hair trend that happened this year with wigs. Some celebrities showed up with brightly colored wigs on. Leading this trend was Kylie Jenner and Ariel Winter. Ariel Winter, wore a long hot pink wig and Kylie Jenner wore a highlighter yellow wig one day and a purple wig another. I am not the biggest fan of this look, but I have to give them some credit for being able to keep a wig on for that long in the heat and not have it fall off or yank it off themselves. Another style that was popular this year was see-through clothing. Hailee Steinfeld, Justine Skye, and Rihanna all rocked the mesh or see-through look. Hailee Steinfeld and Justine Skye wore bralettes/bras underneath their looks. Rihanna went bold and wore a full body suit that zipped up over her head.

Last, but not least we cannot talk about Coachella without mentioning the queen of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens. I cannot think of Coachella without thinking of her, she is known for going every year and wearing the best outfits that people are dying to see and try to recreate. This year she wore three different looks; all were simple, but made a statement. She was edgy and cool and did not let her fans down. She wore crop tops, high waited shorts, hats, kimono jackets, suede jackets, beautiful jewelry, and who could forget the bandana that covered her face one day. Long live queen Vanessa!

Ariel-Winter coachella
Ariel Winter wearing her hot pink wig at Coachella


kylie coachella.jpg
Kylie Jenner wearing her highlighter yellow wig.


rihanna coachella
Rihanna in her see-through body suit
vanessa kimono.jpg
Vanessa Hudgens day one of Coachella
vanessa bandana
Vanessa Hudgens day three of Coachella.

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